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2017-May-19 08:21 - Hard Play: Adam Russo, Cutler X

Cutler X, black and dominant, gives his sex slave - Adam Russo - a good spanking. Adam's butt cheeks redden more and more intensely, and he even has to say 'Thank you.' Cutler can piss non-stop with his monster cock. Cutler shoves his tool down Adam's throat until he stars tearing up; then Cutter opens up his ass and fucks him from every angle. Adam is totally spent when Cutler shoots his load in his face and starts pissing again right afterwards.
2017-Apr-21 08:22 - Daddyz Boyz - Preston Steel and Chase Young

Naughty Chase Young did not finish his chores, so daddy Preston Steel needs to punish him. The way Chase dresses and shakes his booty makes one suspect that he gets into trouble a lot. He's perfectly smooth and his shorts, made from old Levi's with the legs torn off, would get him arrested on nearly any street in the country. The way Chase's high, round buns fill those skimpy shorts would doubtless attract lustful glances. Daddy Preston has a full beard, and he's completely dressed as he begins to flog his boy. Chase's bare back is soon a pulsing red. Preston orders him to 'Lose those little things you call fuckin' shorts' and he applies the lash to Chase's buns. Chase dutifully responds, 'Oh, Daddy, punish my hole.' When he's satisfied that the punishment has fit the crime, Preston tosses the flogger aside and massages Chase's inflamed skin. As the welts begin to recede, Preston eats and fingers his boy's hole, then strips to fuck it. The two-position boning of Chase grows with intensity until it concludes with crossfire cum shots.
2017-Mar-17 08:23 - Ass on the Line - Lance Gear and Mark Evrett

ASS ON THE LINE opens with former Mr. San Francisco Leather title holder Lance Gear and fisting favorite Mark Evrett going at it in a darkroom. They swap blow jobs until Gear can't wait any longer to get into Evrett's furry ass. He starts with his fingers, followed by a HUGE dildo, which Evrett takes to the base. Now primed and ready, Evrett takes Gear's fist and arm to the elbow. Gear fucks him and shoots his load, but he's not leaving until Evrett has blown his wad too.
2017-Feb-17 08:23 - Stock Released - Marcelo Reeves and Ross Vincent

Caught off-guard, Overseer Ross Vincent is dragged to the basement dungeon by stock Marcelo Reeves. Blindfolded, Ross is made to throat Marcelo's hard cock and feel it slap his face over and over. Marcelo then moves on to Ross' ass...slapping and stretching his hole, working his tongue deep into the Ross to open him up. Then Marcelo pulls Ross back and alternates pounding between stretching Ross' ass with his fingers and slamming his cock in deep. When Ross is good and stretched, Marcelo slides his fist into Ross' ass... stretching his hole wider and wider until at last Ross shoots his load.
2017-Jan-20 08:24 - KRASS : Tyson Tyler, Leeroy Lelleck

Tyson Tyler would look stunning anyway, but even more so when he puts on blue rubber pants. And they look their best when Tyson is whipping out his long black dick. In a motorcycle repair shop, he props his fuck buddy Leeroy Lelleck, also in rubber, up on a grease rack. Only his ass is exposed for use. Tyson tongues the hole open and starts in fucking it. He slides his hand deep into the dark hole after lubing it up with black motor oil. Leeroy will be familiar to loyal Cazzo fans. The Berlin sex-expert returns to us after a long hiatus -- together with Cazzo discovery Tyson.


2016-Dec-23 08:26 - HANGIN' HARDCORE: SCENE #02

With a slender cane in his grip, Jaxton Wheeler menaces his sub, Alexander Gustavo. Pulling back the thin rod, Jaxton lets it slap across Alexander's bare, unprotected ass and legs. Jaxton penetrates Alexander's tight hole using a cane with a sphere on the end, and then uses a massager to make the cane vibrate inside Alexander's ass. Grabbing two more canes, Jaxton works Alexander over with both hands. When Alexander reaches his limit with the canes, Jaxton rewards him with cock. Jaxton is as relentless with his cock as he was with the canes. Doggy style allows Jaxton full access to Alexander's hole. When Alexander's ass needs a break, he uses his mouth instead, giving Jaxton a messy, spit fueled blowjob. When saliva drips onto Jaxton's boots, Alexander must clean them by holding a brush in his mouth. Alexander worships Jaxton's boots dutifully, and starts jerking himself off with one of Jaxton's socks. With the boot blacking, Jaxton marks his sub with the words SLOBBER SLUT and PIG ASS. Jaxton gets his ass rimmed before returning his cock to Alexander's hole. The handle of Alexander's leather leash serves as a handy whip. Alexander cums on the leather chair, and Jaxton pushes his face into it for him to lap it up.
2016-Nov-18 08:27 - HOWLERS: SCENE #06

Sexy Brian Bonds kneels with his tongue lodged in inked daddy Drew Sebastian's ass. Drew's effect on Brian is obvious: Brian's hard cock juts towards the ceiling. Four fingers replace Brian's tongue, getting Drew's hole ready for handballing. Brian can't resist licking his fingers each time he pulls them out. Gloves on and palms together, Brian jams fingers from both hands into Drew's ass. Lube flows down Drew's flanks as Brian's fist achieves penetration. He drives deep and fast, past the wrist. The ring on Drew's cock taps and clicks on the table as he arches his back and thrusts back. Brian stands and fucks Drew with his cock, then double penetrates him with his fist and cock at the same time. Drew straddles Brian's face and sucks him while Brian plunges his fist rhythmically into Drew's hole, which now rains hot juices onto Brian's face. Drew jacks out a load mixes with the lube covering him. Orgasm causes his rosebud to pop out. 
2016-Oct-21 08:27 - HANGIN' HARDCORE, SCENE #01

2016-Sep-23 08:28 - SOUNDING #9: SCENE #06

2016-Aug-19 08:28 - HOWLERS, SCENE #05

Colored ink, muscle, fur and cock compete for your attention as Drew Sebastian and Dolf Dietrich lie entwined, making out and exploring their hard flesh. Each wears a harness and a leather jock strap with a cock opening. Drew leans over to suck Dolf, carefully lapping up dribbles of saliva and cock juice that run down Dolf's balls. A spontaneous sixty-nine lets Dolf do the same for Drew's huge cock. Dolf shoots his feet up into the air and spreads his legs, inviting Drew to take notice of his ass. Drew grabs a pair of gloves and dunks his hands into a bucket of lube, grabbing a ridged, conical dildo. Each segment of the toy is wider than the last, stretching Dolf's hole while penetrating it. Drew's fist comes next, and he counts the knuckles aloud. Dolf's hole is so shiny and relaxed that Drew is compelled to fuck it in several positions before cumming all over Dolf's taint.
2016-Jul-22 08:29 - PERMISSION, SCENE #08

2016-Jun-17 21:00 - Daddyz Boyz - Preston Steel and Chase Young

Cute Chase Young's final chore of the day is to give his Daddy, Preston Steel, a foot massage. Bare-chested and furry, Preston settles into a chair and props his feet up. Chase kneels before him, smooth, naked and eager to please. He removes Preston's boots and socks. Then he massages Preston's feet, sucking the toes and licking the soles first one foot, then the other. Chase enhances the routine by trying to deep-throat one of Preston's entire feet, managing to get all five toes in his mouth, up to the ball of Preston's foot. Pressing the soles of Preston's feet together, Chase fucks the space between them. Preston, meanwhile, has pulled his hard cock out of his jeans and strokes it until cum spills out, cascading in rivulets over his hand and onto his tummy.


2016-May-20 21:00 - Eye Contact - Scott Austin and Virgil Sainclair

Virgil Sainclair and Scott Austin get down'n'dirty. The two studs go at each other, then Virgil starts to rim his buddy's hole. He fingers Scott's asshole teasingly, then thrusts his huge cock inside. Next, he shoves a dildo into Scott; then a second dildo; then his entire hand in.


2016-Apr-15 21:00 - Sex Pigs : Daniel, Tim Vincent

Two hot skinhead studs have an interracial anal fuck


2016-Mar-25 14:07 - Raiders of the Lost Arse - Bryce Pierce, Jeff Allen and Simon Cox
The Mummy: Surveying all the tomb adventure is Bryce Pierce, the mummy, who comes to life in a scene that garnered Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Sex Scene nominations. The incredible thing about this scene is that it sounds so strange, but it is perhaps the finest sex performance ever recorded on tape. Rather than comment further, let it suffice to say that this scene is required viewing for all fans of Chris Ward, J.D. Slater, and Raging Stallion Studios. It is a triumph that is universally acknowledged as being as good as porn gets. Link
2016-Mar-18 14:06 - Sounding #9 - Element Eclipse and Boygravy
Element Eclipse can push himself into pain farther than just about anyone else. He immediately ramps it up by inserting an electrified butt plug and turning up the juice until he howls. Element's cock also craves masochistic excitement. He reaches for a sounding rod and franticly jerks his cock as the rod goes in. With the sound fully inserted, its tip can't be far from the steel of the butt plug--just imagine the sensation of energy flowing from ass to cock. Element is then joined by the imposing Boygravy. His hard on can't be contained by his jock strap; he jerks it hard while ruthlessly sounding Element's dick. Element responds by boosting the juice again and pummeling the depths of Boygravy's cock. Finally, they grab a long, hard rod and simultaneously fuck it from each end with their cock holes, triggering an epic crossfire cum shot. Link
2016-Mar-11 14:06 - KRASS: Harley Everett and Frank Pig
Frank Pig needs it rough. Muscle stud Harley likes to bring out the pig in him: Wearing an inflatable balloon mask, his head gets used as a speed bag by Harley. And on it goes: punches, sounds stuck into his cock, fucking, dildos, fisting. A tattooed skinhead masochist like Frank is happy to take it all with only a grunt. Link
2016-Mar-4 14:05 - KRASS : Geoffrey Paine and Sylvain Lyk
Curly, brown-haired Sylvain Lyk is a cute little pig. He loves opening his mouth and his ass for a big dick and Geoffrey Paine is just his type: butch. But when Geoffrey gets hands-on, Sylvain really gets turned on. Planting his greedy power ass on that muscular arm, he rams it harder and harder into his body. Link
2016-Feb-26 21:00 - Full Depth - Brian Bonds and Manuel Olveyra

Watch Brian Bonds convert Manuel Olveyra from a fisting newbie to a nasty, needy punch slut! Brian strokes his meaty cock with one hand while working Manuel's ass with the other. The puckered, pink flesh takes a lot of effort to open up wide like a good fistpig's should, and Brian pushes Manuel to the brink of his limits. This is the biggest hole-busting workout Manuel's ever had! After stretching Manuel farther than ever before, Brian finally gets what he wants a gaping, wide-open ring. Brian grabs his throbbing cock and teases the rim of Manuel's aching man hole. Taking it to the next level, Brian smacks his thick shaft right into the crack between Manuel's ass cheeks, and the lube stretches from skin to skin like massive strings of precum. Putting his fist deep into Manuel's hole again, Brian jerks out a load that plummets down towards the camera, like you've been lying there on your back this whole time waiting to catch that hot load in your mouth.


2016-Feb-19 21:00 - Sex Pigs : Uwe Wagner, Leo Konig

Uwe Wagner gets treated by his mate Leo Konig with monster-dildos and finally with fists. Two sex pigs in action!


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